Simon’s Latest Single – Someone Else’s Dream


Download/Stream: https://simonwilby.hearnow.com/someone-else-s-dream

YORKSHIRE – ‘Mystery man’ Simon Wilby has released his track ‘Someone Else’s Dream’ as well as a touching music video on the 4th of October 2019. Despite working as a builder in his day job, Simon will always find a time to write his songs; whether it’d be on his lunch break, or after work, it is clear how passionate
he is about music and how hard he will work to perfect his craft despite working long hours just to fund his studio time. The singer also struggles to express his true emotions in real life so he enunciates it through his music with soft rock vocals and relatable lyrics that leave
you lingering to know more. Simon’s newly released track ‘Someone Else’s Dream’ is a reflection of what it’s like working for someone else and giving up on your dreams.
Simon Wilby’s tracks have been recently played on Radio Wigwam, who have listed him in their top 10 male artists. Despite writing music since his youth, it is only recently that the singer-songwriter has begun releasing his sentimental yet powerful music to the world. Although it is clear how hard he works to reach his goals, as with many artists, he tends to encounter challenges, however, his strong attitude and his perseverance make him unstoppable as he continues to release many more tracks. Simon Wilby’s track ‘Someone Else’s Dream’, with touching visuals, is now available on ALL MAJOR PLATFORMS.

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